Pro Grow is a natural, wholesome, and nutritious food for your bird. Pro Grow is a composite of grain, vitamins, seeds, and minerals in a dry mix. When combined with vegetable oil or applesauce, water, and then baked, the result is a rich, moist, and nutritious bread. It can be cut into appropriate proportions and frozen for up to six months. To serve, just place in microwave for a few seconds.

Feeding Pro Grow allows the owner / breeder to control the ingestion of vital elements in a bird's diet, i.e.: calcium, vitamins, minerals and fat. You also have the unique ability to adjust the finished product to suit your personal choice by adding chopped vegetables, fruits, and/or nuts to the batter.

Pro Grow Products has been researched, developed, and proven by Ed Dauphin, a professional breeder and aviculturist for more than 30 years.